It’s a big thing for me. It’s time

It’s a big thing for me. It’s time to renew my Nursing Registration. I have been a registered nurse for 36 years now, and have loved caring for and helping people. I had eight years off to care for my littlies, but apart from that I have worked as nurse for all those years.  Aged […]

30 days of sunburn…

In response to those who have asked, I thought I would try and demystify the process of radiotherapy.  Most women who have breast cancer undergo this – also called radiation treament.  It is also used to treat many other types of cancer.  I had my  course of radiotherapy after finishing my primary rounds  of chemotherapy […]


I am an early person. always have been, always will .  The one thing that makes me anxious, is running late. Now I know it’s not the end of the world, but I  hate being late. Of course you may have guessed it – I am NOT married to an early person.  I have had […]