What does a caterpillar say?

My youngest son was a cutie. And as well as being the perfect baby (after two wriggly, go getters, it was nice to have a placid child in the family) he soon grew into a charming toddler with an enquiring mind.     Once he hit three, the questions started:

How many teeth does a snail have?

What does a caterpillar say?

How does the water know to come out of the tap when you want it?

From morning to night it was question after question.  One we never figured out an answer to – where DOES the itchy go when you scratch it?

Then, there were the questions about God:

If God is everywhere, is he in a bottle of tomato sauce?

Does God get itchy eyes from being under the sea?

If Jesus is in my heart, does he have to hang on so he doesn’t slip down my leg?

Now, I have a few questions about God too.

But, once I experienced His peace and love in my heart, the questions didn’t seem to matter so much.

Sometimes, especially in time of difficulty, God doesn’t give us answers – He gives us Himself.  And that is enough.


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