Someone commented to me the other day about the many trials I have been going through. But do you know what?  They don’t feel like trials.  Just life – with a few bumps along the road. We all have them, and sure, some may be a bit bigger than others, but everyone faces issues. Mostly every day.  And amongst the rough patches, there are moments of joy and laugher,  times of annoyance and crankiness and days when I don’t even want to get out of bed. Yep, life. Made up of all these moments -sorrowful ones, happy ones, mundane ones and silly ones.

Yet our gracious God takes all these moments, and in His loving hands, turns them into something of beauty. Something to be treasured – life.


4 thoughts on “Trials?

  1. I agree with you life is faced with trials as James 1 tells us, however the way we handle them is significant & even though I know you have ‘down’ days & days of pain God has given you the ability to bear them with His grace & we are confident that He is doing a good work in you & in those around you.He is glorified by your life. We pray for you daily but we just know God is doing something that cannot be explained in human terms. God bless you Carol in the best way. Love & hugs.Cynthiaxx

  2. A beautiful summary of life in the last paragraph Carol. Thankyou Carol for this blog and sharing your journey with me. It means so much, and I have learned about HOPE, Grace, Love, Peace, Joy – Relationship with our Heavenly Father. Such a beautiful lady, you are a treasure. Lots of love and hugs Urith. xpoxoxoxoxo

  3. Thank you, Carol, for your beautiful words. You are an inspiration to us all. And every word so true. One day we will understand. In our prayers and thoughts constantly. Jan xox

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