Do you fancy sitting on a cloud all day and strumming on a harp?  Nope, me neither – boring!

Gold paved streets don’t have a lot of appeal to me either.    So what would I like in heaven?

Hmmm, not sure. And I think that is what it is really about.

A baby, before it is born, has everything it needs within the womb. It is warm, nourished and all its needs are met. Then, after a short time of struggle, it is born into a world it never knew existed. I’m sure it has no conception of the wonders that await it in this life.

And that is how I see heaven – a new world that I can’t even begin to imagine. So far above what our minds can dream of, and an unknown realm full of joy and wonders that we can never experience here on earth.

Now that’s something to look forward to!    Meanwhile, I still have some living and loving to do…

PS: thanks for all your encouraging thoughts and comments. What a blessing! Let me know if you have any thoughts on how I can improve this blog thing.

Carol x


4 thoughts on “Heaven

  1. I don’t see you as a harp player somehow.
    Strikes me that if you are being delivered to heaven a little earlier than you might have anticipated, that there must be something pretty special there for you to be a part of,because you are a very special lady.

  2. I know your sister Jan. You both obviously have come from the same incredible stock and I now hold you both in my esteem even though I have never met you. To know Jan is to love her and although we have never met, just reading your blog which she so lovingly has shared has helped me to see my own trials in a better perspective. I don’t envision any pity parties in your journey. I now will try not to hold any more of my own. I look forward to you sharing more of you journey with me.

    • Why, thankyou Elizabeth. Yes – Jan has a loving, generous heart.
      Pity parties are OK, so long as they don’t linger – five minutes is enough. Then, brush your hands and get on with life!

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