imageI am an early person. always have been, always will .  The one thing that makes me anxious, is running late. Now I know it’s not the end of the world, but I  hate being late. Of course you may have guessed it – I am NOT married to an early person.  I have had plenty of opportunities, while sitting in the car fuming while he just……. any number of things, to practice my patience. But no – I get anxious.

One thing I am very grateful for, is that throughout my cancer journey, I have not been plagued by anxiety or fear. I’m no Pollyanna, and I certainly have blue days,  moments of panic and times of sadness, but beneath all that I have peace.  Because you see, I know the end of the story. And I have hope.  I know this poor old body isn’t going to last for a lot longer, but I also know that death isn’t the end. I may cast off  this outer shell, but the real me is going to live on.

God promised that He would never leave us, that His arms would hold us, and that we can live with Him forever.     That brings peace. And I am grateful.


3 thoughts on “Anxious?

  1. Carol, your courage and peace during all that has been thrown at you is nothing short of miraculous. It is so obvious that your Heavenly Father holds tightly to your hand. Much love.

  2. Beautiful Carol. I know your strength and these writings will be a comfort to others as we know so many travelling their own journeys as well as your beloved family and friends. God bless you, you are such an inspiration.

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